Tributes & Condolences

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Below are some tributes from JoAnn’s children.

This is very sad day. My mother passed away this morning after battling ALS over the past year. I love my Mom and will miss her so much. I’m glad that all my brothers and sisters are here and were with my dad this morning to comfort him and each other. I was hoping this day wouldn’t come this soon, but things were getting very hard for my mother recently and now she’s been set free from suffering.I’ll put details here of services as they are planned. Credit to my sister Shanna who I stole this photo of my Mothers 80’th birthday last January from. -Ed Peirce, posted on Facebook

My heart just breaks to even put this in words. My dear, sweet, angel mother passed away today. Four months ago my dear parents gave us the devastating news that Mom had been diagnosed with ALS. My Mom has fought with all she had and she has been so brave and so courageous. I don’t even have words to express how much I love her and how much I’ll miss her. -Lynda Peirce, posted on Facebook

My dear sweet mother passed away into the loving arms of our Heavenly Father yesterday. My heart is so full of love and gratitude for this amazing and talented woman I got to call my mother. She has touched so many peoples lives with her countless acts of service and love. She is an elect lady and I love her with all of my heart. She showed such courage and faith throughout her life and especially as she struggled with the disease of ALS these last several months. How thankful I am for her legacy of strength and love she has left all of us! I love you always and forever mom!❤️ -Shanna Beesley, posted on Facebook

Sorry, this is a bit long.

THAT ISN’T MY MOTHER-IN-LAW! I have several friends that relay horror stories of their mother-in-law and the stereotypical, satirical, persona that she is in their lives. The standard issue mother-in-law from Hollywood sitcoms is an all too common reference point to draw mental images from whilst listening to several horror stories from several friends. Interference from the hand or mouth of the endearing mother-in-law is sometimes comical, sometimes heartbreaking, and sometimes nearly home-wrecking. I would always think in the back of my mind, “I’m so glad that isn’t my mother-in-law!”

I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be able to say that was never something I experienced. I may have felt over the last 36 years that there is no way my mother-in-law can be happy with her daughter’s choice for a husband, but that was never the way my second mom made me feel, ever. That thought would be generated only by my typical self-deprecating, self-affirmation. Never, by word or deed, did my mother-in-law ever make me feel less than loved and appreciated. Her greeting was always with a huge smile and warm, loving eyes and hugs. Mom always focused on me as an individual. Intently, with interest in what was going on in my life, JoAnn would always ask, “Scotty, so tell me about what’s going on with your work?” or “Scotty, tell me how your Sunday school class is going.” (Those that know me, please do not judge my church for allowing the likes of me to teach Sunday school. I get it.) Mom would query “Scotty, tell us about your travels this week.” Her interest was always genuine, never conversational. That is just the way JoAnn Hinckley Peirce was. Genuine, happy (maybe joyful is more accurate than happy) and eloquent. Her smile and laughter were eloquent. Her love for everyone was eloquent. Her devotion to family was eloquent. Her dedication to making her home always warm and welcoming for family, friends, and visitors, was eloquent. There is a measure of grace missing from the world today, and my heart feels the pain of that void. That is who my mother-in-law is. -Scott Wolters, posted on Facebook

59 years ago my mom and dad began a beautiful adventure together. That adventure will continue, but with a little break. The last several months my mother’s beautiful spirit has been progressively imprisoned by a body that was being destroyed by ALS.

My mom comforted us while we watched her lose one ability after another. The ability to swallow went quickly. Speech soon after. Shoulders, arms, hands. Last week she had just about lost the ability to even write. She endured. I believe she endured because of her immense love for my dad.

My dad was so amazing through all of this. He is 86 years old. His love for her was never more evident than during this trying time. He rarely left her side since her diagnosis. When she lost her ability to swallow, he fed her multiple times a day through a feeding tube. He became an expert charade guesser (because that’s all my mom could do to communicate in the end). He took over the job of cheerfully answering all the phone calls and tending to visitors (but not as cheerfully as my mom, nobody can ever be as cheerful as her).

Earlier today, my parents’ adventure together took a little hiatus. My eyes are full of tears, but I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has listened to our prayers and called my mother home, freeing her from the torment she has faced. It was a beautiful day.

Mom and Dad, my heart is full from the love you have shown each other, for all you have done for others, and all that you have done for your family. Mom, I already miss you dearly. I love you both so much. I may tear up frequently this week, but I take solace in knowing that your love story isn’t over. -Sherman Peirce, posted on Facebook

It is easy to identify firsts. My first kiss, my first child, my first home. Lasts are different. You often do not realize when you’ll never see someone or do something ever again. If anything positive could come from my mother’s diagnosis of ALS earlier this year, it was that I knew ahead of time that every moment counted. I am so grateful that I was able to spend two weeks with my mother in April (after self-quarantining for two weeks before the visit). She made me a batch of cookies on April 20th. I ate the last one on the 26th and somehow knew it would be the last cookie my mother would bake for me. Last Friday after hearing about a particularly bad week, I packed up and went out again. All my kids got to see her this time. She summoned her energy to be with us and hid the pain she must have felt. She looked so good! What a blessing. It looked to me like we still had a few months. Little did I know that Sunday would be the last time I would see my mother in this mortal life. I love you mom!!! -Nathan Peirce, posted on Facebook

My little family and I had the opportunity to live with my parents for a while. My choice to live at home with my parents was not my favorite idea but it was necessary to save for a home. Our time there was most precious. My two daughters got to experience first hand what it was like to be in close proximity to my Parents. My sweet Mother was always so loving and kind to them and was so willing to help us on so many occasions. My wife, Becky, also got to know her more intimately as well. I count that time as a wonderful blessing which bonded my young family to my Mother in a way that only living with her could. Our house is a little bit (lot) somber this week as the hole in our hearts seems to be growing. I love looking at the photo we chose for her funeral which is on the Home Page of this site. Her wisdom, learned from life, and her love of family and friends shine through in this photo. It also shows her pure beauty. Mom, I miss you so much! I’m just grateful I had you for a long while in this life because I needed you . I still need you and know you will be assisting us from above. – Brian Peirce, posted on this site exclusively.

This picture focuses on my little family with my Mom, amongst our greater family, at her surprise 80th birthday party.

My mother-in-law, JoAnn Hinckley Peirce, passed away on June 15, 2020. I loved her like my own mom. She was a very loving, kind, generous, and cheery person. She welcomed me to the family when I arrived here in the US in 2000. As a grandmother, she was always there for my kids’ important events and activities to support them. I will miss her so much!💖💖💖 -Marsha Peirce, posted on Facebook